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BusCharter.US offer first class comforted team sports transportation services in South Florida at affordable rates to all type of athletics, team sport and team fans from University, Collages, High Schools, amateur and professional leagues. Whether it is NASCAR, PGA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NSCAA or a local community team game, we can handle all of the transportation for that one game or for the entire season...for all of your teams!.

As a coach, travel director it looks that for each season there are many more games, seasons are longer and the travel commitment gets increasingly more challenging at BusCharter.US we are always available for inquiries or itinerary modifications. This allows event organizers, sports directors, coaches and players to travel at ease, knowing that their travel will be smooth, safe, and comfortable.

Imagine having the entire team on one motor coach, reaching the game together ready to play, with plenty of space for players, families, and gear. With our full-sized smoke-free charter tour bus coaches that accommodate as much as 57 passengers with video capabilities, onboard restroom and all of our drivers are prompt, experience and friendly!

That's it! We will have the bus there waiting to take your team to the competition. So why not sit back and let us take care of all your team transportation needs. With Bus Charter .US, you and your team will only have to worry about is how to win!

With 7nAboveTrans, you receive an exclusive and valuable service from our 27 passenger minibus or our 55 to 57 passengers corporate coaches buses. No matter your transportation needs with 7nAboveTrans is the ground transportation solution you want!

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